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The modern old-time masters of traditional pre-bluegrass music perform the old, weird music of a forgotten America. Fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins, accordions and the human voice converge into one the most important musical preservation projects of the 21st century.

Old-time musician, documentarian, and teacher David Bragger has brought these living legends to the Old-Time Tiki Parlour where he films and records music rooted in an ancient America. He is devoted to documenting today’s living masters of traditional old-time, country blues and early Cajun music for the critically acclaimed label, Tiki Parlour Recordings.  

Each film focuses on an artist performing their music without a set list, rehearsals or commercial agenda. It is old-time music in its purest form. This is “music from the true vine,” as Mike Seeger would put it. The videos are shot beautifully in the visual landscape of the Tiki Parlour, a space devoted to a collection of old instruments, master performances and the passing down of traditional music.

“This is not just great entertainment, this is art. This is very important art.”

-Ernie Hill, No Depression