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Roots is proud to welcome 50 Feet of Song to our catalog! We are currently working to bring this series online and will be adding a number of sessions in the weeks to come.

Field Recordings in the Folk Tradition

50 Feet of Song starts with the simplest of premises: 50 actual feet of Super 8 film equals about 3 minutes of runtime. This 3 minutes mirrors the standard length of a song; a convention left over from the physical limitations of 78 RPM records. Inspired by the visionary work of Alan Lomax, the folks at 50 Feet of Song hit the road all over the Pacific Northwest, recording artists at festivals, in hotel rooms, and on front porches creating new field recordings with old technology.

Shovels & Rope: "Cavalier"
The White Buffalo: "Fire Don't Know"
You, Me, & Apollo: "December Sun"