The Fretless
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Aug 11, 2015
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: The Fretless

This live concert was originally broadcast February 12th, 2015 from Seattle's Empty Sea Studios.

The Fretless is a new approach to folk music that is quickly gaining high acclaim around the world.  This unique band is taking string music to fascinating places as it transforms fiddle tunes and folk melodies into intricate, beautiful, high-energy arrangements.

In November 2011, Karrnnel Sawitsky (Fiddle), Ivonne Hernandez (Fiddle), Eric Wright (Cello) and Trent Freeman (Fiddle) got together for the first time on Vancouver Island to start rehearsing this project.  After 10 days straight of writing, arranging, practicing and an absurd amount of tea, The Fretless emerged as a band.

With the release of their debut album Waterbound in early 2012, (which features their fresh styles, compositions, as well as collaborations with singers Ruth Moody and Norah Rendell), the quartet grabbed the attention of critics and fans across many genres.  This recording fueled a busy summer of festivals across Canada, a month long tour of Germany, and world wide sales and radio play. The year was capped with 3 awards, bringing the album, and the band further into the public eye; Instrumental Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the Fretless walked away with both Ensemble of the Year, and Instrumental Group of the Year.

Now, with their brand new self-titled album, which has already won a Western Canadian Music Award and a CFMA for Ensemble of the Year, The Fretless are pushing themselves and their instruments further still. This album is a true demonstration of a band is gaining momentum and breaking new ground.

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