Foot Notes
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Aug 17, 2015
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: Foot Notes

Flatfooting with Charmaine Slaven - Music by Charlie Beck:

Flatfooting is a traditional percussive step dance from the Appalachian mountains.  It is a living folk tradition that has been spread around the globe by dancers who love the way it feels under their feet.

Charmaine Slaven is one of these new bearers of the Flatfooting tradition.  Starting in 2005, she's quickly become renowned for her sharp sense of rhythm, unique style and clear teaching method.  She's known for her ability to both dance and play guitar or fiddle simultaneously.  She's also an excellent square dance caller and a lovely singer.

In this instructional program, you will learn the art of Flatfooting, starting with a foundation of basic rhythm steps, then you'll build on those with accent steps and variations, all with an emphasis on dancing with musicianship and solid rhythm.

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