Easy Guitar Chords and Progressions
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Mar 08, 2016
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: Easy Guitar Chords and Progressions

By moving one finger to a different fret, a familiar chord takes on a whole new quality! Move a chord shape to a different position on the neck and you have a rich, advanced-sounding progression! Welcome to Artie Traum's lesson in how to use chords to enhance basic folk, country, blues and rock songs.

Artie has designed the perfect lesson for anyone who's looking for ways to make guitar accompaniments come alive. He focuses on the basic chord shapes you probably use all the time (D, G, E and C) and shows you how you can transform their sound by incorporating altered notes, open strings, bass lines, barre chords and a variety of other techniques that will help you create beautiful accompaniments.

So, if your songs are sounding a little ordinary, or you want to jump-start a new one you're writing, this world-class player's easy solutions will simply make them sound better. Artie's lesson is fun, relaxed and filled with numerous guitar tips, musical ideas and easy songs, including Sloop John B, Corrina, Worried Man Blues, Barbed Wire, The Water is Wide and Diamond Joe.

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